Friday, June 23, 2006

Everybody Wants A Good Time

By d-mac
My friend Taylor just sent me a link to this Gomez NPR Webcast recorded live at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. last night. Sounds like it was a great show, with lots of familiar shenanigans from when they were here in Atlanta. Here's a link to the NPR piece.

They've still got a few stops left on their summer tour, including a couple of gigs with Slow Runner opening, so check them out if you have a chance.

  1. bring it on
  2. shot shot
  3. all too much
  4. love is better than a warm trombone
  5. see the world
  6. nothing is wrong
  7. ping one down
  8. notice
  9. silence
  10. how we operate
  11. ruff stuff
  12. hamoa beach
  13. girlshapedlovedrug
  14. free to run
  15. fill my cup
  16. devil will ride
  17. chasing ghosts with alcohol (encore)
  18. make no sound (encore)
  19. detroit swing 66 (encore)
  20. whippin' piccadilly (encore)

That's all I got. Happy Friday, ya'll.


COMING SOON: Lamkini & D-Mac review the East Atlanta Corndogorama? Stay tuned...


Blogger Sophie T. Mishap said...

:) Ilove this band. I'm sure they will be my favourite act at ACL.

6:31 PM, June 24, 2006  

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