Friday, April 28, 2006


By d-mac
Dan Beirne at Said the Gramophone just posted his own 'visual accompaniment' for this song by Canadian indie band Sunset Rubdown.

Download this video and play it in QuickTime or your iPod or wherever you tend to do such things:
Sunset Rubdown - "Us Ones In Between"

The video itself is basically about 48 seconds of unexplained gloomy imagery and slow motion footage of cars driving backwards in the rain, followed by credits. But the credits are where the real genius lies here. Beirne implies an entire dramatic backstory in simple, suggestive, centered text. The cast of characters include GIRL (herself), HER FATHER (himself), HER CAB DRIVER, HER PAINTING TEACHER, HER ACCOUNTANT, and dozens of others who never make actual appearances in the film proper. The rest is a laundry list of line items, chronicaling where she was, who she talked to, who she made love to, her favorite story, what she drank, what she wore, who she met, what she looked like, who she told off, what she said to him, how long it took her to make big decisions, her best dream, where she worked, how she broke up with people, how she grew up, and ultimately, how she died.

Beirne simply gives us the soundtrack and a random collection of whos, whats, and wheres, and leaves it to us to imagine the context. I love it.


Funny enough, as I was watching the aformentioned masterpiece of credits, Lamkini and I were in the middle of a conversation about how people often write emails and put all the stuff they really wanted to say in the first place in the postscript. This is apparently a very effective way deliver bad news or mention things that you're not quite comfortable with being forthright about.

We came up with a few examples:

Dear Lamkini,

It's such a nice day out. What's going on later? Beers?


P.S. I need your rent check ASAP.

Dear D-Mac,

I really love Italian food.


P.S. I accidentally slept with your ex-girlfriend. Talk later?


What's UP man? How's it hanging?? This is Dr. Patel just writing to say hey. Did you catch that Hawks game last night by any chance? Whoah, I mean... I don't know if you're a big basketball fan, but that was a nail-biter if I ever saw one. You never really know how those games will turn out until the very last second, you know? Anyway, just saying a quick hello. Don't be a stranger, okay?

Dr. Patel, MD

P.S. Your test results came back from the lab. You have a very rare debilitating disease called chronic lamkosis and you probably only have approximately five minutes to live. Later!


Bank of America here. The old B-of-A. Hey you!! Man, this week has been so long. I can't wait for the weekend--we're closed you know. Aaaaaanyway, just wanted to shout atcha. Holla back when you can.

Bank of America, Credit Card Services

P.S. Someone apparently stole your credit card and bought a giraffe. It was $400,000. You need to fix that. Soon.


Blogger Sophie T. Mishap said...

P.P.S. I love it when you boys become completely detached from reality!

8:29 AM, May 02, 2006  

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