Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Los de Grupo

By d-mac
Hello boys and girls. Do you want to know a secret? 'Cause I know one and it is soooooo good to hear it. You want to know what it schwas? Alright, I'll tell you what it shwas...

I know how to make all the indie-rocker boys dance with all the little hipster girls.

How's that? Come again? D-Mac, surely you jest. I mean, some of us have our indie-cred to keep intact here. You seriously can't expect us to just go around DANCING willy nilly.

Oh but I assure you, it's quite simple. All you have to do is follow my simple instructions, and you too can make all the indie-rocker boys dance with all the little hipster girls. Check it...

First you pick a venue, preferably in their natural habitat. A place where you're likely to find a multifarious lot of young urbanites on a Friday night, out to socialize in an appropriately antisocial environment. A place like The EARL, for example. Done. Next.

Now book an amazingly fun, upbeat latin band to play into the wee hours of the night. But wait, it can't be just any low rent mariachi band that you hired for Cinco de Mayo party last year. It's gotta have at least two sick percussionists, a couple of saxophones, a trumpet, a trombone, a few hombres on lead and backup vocals, a pair of guitars and a funky bass. Oh, and throw some tamborines, kazoos, washboards, water jugs, and a cowbell up on the stage for good measure. I don't know what all they'll use, but just in case. The band should preferably be a conglomeration of at least ten insanely talented musicians hailing from different parts of Texas, New York, and Nicaragua. Have them spend several years playing together in a hotbed of musical talent like Austin, TX, where they can craft their own hybrid of musical styles incorporating afro-latin funk, cumbia, salsa, and merengue.

Then serve $2.50 PBRs all night and watch all the indie kids get their schiggity schiggity swerve on.

But D-Mac, where can I find such a band? I don't even know what "afro-latin funk" means.

No te preocupes, mi amigo. I know of just the band: Grupo Fantasma and they happen to be playing The EARL this Friday, May 19th.

Mmkay, but why are you talking in broken Spanish and answering your own rhetorical questions?

Shut up.

Grupo Fantasma
This Friday, May 19th
The EARL, 11pm

Have a listen for yourself, then imagine it like 18 times better in person and you'll have an idea of what to expect...

From Grupo Fantasma:
Grupo Fantasma - "Cumbia del Coyote"
Grupo Fantasma - "La Boa"

From Movimiento Popular:
Grupo Fantasma - "Chocolate"
Grupo Fantasma - "Rico Tumbao"


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